Faculty Member, PhDYiğit Dağhan Gökdel


  • 2012, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Biomedical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin
  • 2011, PhD., Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bogazici University
  • 2007, MS., Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bogazici University
  • 2004, BS., Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Bilkent University


  • EEEN 331 Engineering Electromagnetics
  • EEEN 361 Device Electronics
  • EEEN 362 Vibrations & Waves
  • EEEN 481 Principles of Microfabrication
  • EEEN 482 Foundations of MEMS

Areas of Interest

  • MEMS and Microtechnology
  • Micro-optical medical imaging devices
  • Optical MEMS, MEMS based scanners for imaging applications
  • Biomedical MEMS, Magnetic MEMS
  • Sigma-Delta A/D Modulators

Rewards and Achievements

  • BAP, Bogazici University Best Dissertation Award, Jun. 2011

Other Information

Funded Research

  • TUBITAK SBAG Project 113S114 (2013-2015) "Design and Fabrication of a Biopsy Catheter Capable of Doing In-Vivo Cell Imaging for Early Cancer Detection". 
  • TUBITAK EEEAG Project 117E236 (2018-2021) "Paper-Based MEMS Biosensors for Aflatoxin Detection".
  • Bilgi University, Scientific Research Projects, (2016-2017) "Design and Fabrication of Low-Cost Paper-Based MEMS Biosensors ".


Research Groups


Journal Publications

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