Unimeet is a mobile app for university events, that is built by Bilgi students. Using Unimeet, students can share or join events in universities and connect with activities they might be interested in.

What is Unimeet?

Unimeet is a mobile application that allows university students who have interests in common, to create events and get together rapidly

Unimeet allows university clubs and students to create events in just couple steps. Students can see the events of clubs they follow, events they might be interested in and they can join those events with a single click. After the events are over, attendees can give points and leave a comment to the event, with that organizers can develop the content of their events. Organizers who develop their selves and increase the quality of the events continuously, are suggested to more students. At the same time students get notifications about the events they attend and they might be interested in, regularly.

Currently, Unimeet is serving to only the students of İstanbul Bilgi University, but after the date of 2020 January, Unimeet will be available for many more students!