alt_idea is about an online idea platform which will open to all faculty members, students and staff of Istanbul Bilgi University. It functions as an online platform for idea collection, registration and team building. Every idea submitted to alt_idea is recorded, classified, registered by university authority. As an open platform, alt_idea then issues an open call to build a team, willing to realize the idea. After creating an idea and the team you wanted, you can come to alt_lab and start working.

alt_idea is the meeting point that collaborates creative thinkers and analytical producers in one place. This project’s basic goal is to create an idea netwok at Istanbul Bilgi University. The second goal is to foster innovation by incorporating creative processes with knowledge. People can share information and solve problems more efficiently as they can put ideas into practice.

With the alt_idea platform, it is aimed to bring together those who have an idea, or want to contribute to an idea and, with the help of a network, develop it in time.

By means of alt_idea's self-improvement feature, it is aimed to be a platform where all national and international participants can come together with its safe and strong structure. In addition, it is aimed to protect the rights of the individuals during the idea production process and the subsequent partners, by keeping and storing their shares for many years and preserving them on a legal basis.

The alt_idea platform, which will be offered first in English-Turkish, later on will develop with language support. Ths development includes adding an automatic translation feature for different languages.

The working principle of this application will be as follows: In the registration section, you will be asked to fill in information that will help people find each other more comfortably, such as the person's abilities, if he/she is a student, and his/her class info. At the same time, the portfolio or LinkedIn profile that the user will put on their profile will be an indicator of the person's skills and qualifications. Thus, the person's history will play a very important role in joining a group.

1. Your Ideas in One Place

alt_idea is the place to store your ideas like an idea journal. After publishing an idea, one can start to look for other people who are interested to collaborate.

2. Personal Journalized Idea Area

Creating new ideas is quick and easy. Within this online idea platform, one can attach files, add photos, state what skills you need for the project, which equipments you will use from the alt_lab, and the timeline of your project from start to finish.

3. Team Collaboration

Communication is what makes or breaks any project. alt_idea’s purpose is to help people connect and find users to initiate their ideas. 

4. Idea Searching

One can immediately start a team for a new project or look for a project of interest from a pool of existent ideas.

5. Collaboration more than consumption

The uniqueness of alt_idea is in its pursue of cross collaboration among the people of Istanbul Bilgi University. The app’s organization of content is unique in both easily finding someone for collaboration or creating something that becomes an idea.

6. Make New Friends

Meet hundreds of people who share similar ideas. The more ideas you publish, the more chance you get to meet people.