Plaza cleaning system is done with cranes which have human life risk and high prices for the market. To have an innovative solution to market, cleaning system with UAV aim to have lack of human life risk and cheaper solution to market.


The drone system is going to have an autonomous flight with the autopilot system. Single board computer is going to implement the A.I. system and ROS (Robot Operating System) with simulations. The drone is going to detect windows and start cleaning until the mission is finished.


Project is going to have 2 phases. The first phase is DJI Phantom drone is going to have an autonomous flight with ROS and A.I. implementation. the second phase, Main drone tarot is going to clean the windows.

 Pilot Project
Project Team

Barış Çakmak / Project Manager & Hardware and Ground Station

Lara Alpdoğan / 3D Design & Mechanical Analysis

Furkan Utku Emre / Hardware & Communication

Sefer Memiş / Hardware and Image Processing

Yağmur Dilbaz / Web Design

Berker Arslan / Image Processing and Simulation