alt_workshop: 2020/Interactive Virtual Museum


February 2020



MEKÂN • SPACE, 2020: Interactive Virtual Museum Project invites you to question the future of museums. With the developing technologies, can we talk about the traditional "museum" concept? How do museums adapt to the changes brought about by the digital age?

2020: Interactive Virtual Museum, it is an interactive virtual art museum that aims to answer these questions. For us, the art museum is an area that brings together curated works of art and the audience. As Duchamp said in 1957, “After all, creative action is only by the artist It is not performed; the audience brings the business into contact with the outside world (...) ”. Art begins with the artist, but it is not complete until it meets the audience. It should be as virtual as possible and as interactive as possible.

2020: Interactive Virtual Museum is an attempt to create an interactive virtual art museum. It is open to the participation of everyone interested in interactive and digital art. An interdisciplinary working environment is aimed with the joint participation of game developers, visual communication designers, architects, 3D artists and anyone interested in this field.

Interactive artworks will be produced by examining Dada, Futurism, Pop Art and Readymade artworks and using 3D archives. After the workshop process, all works will be combined in a common virtual space and experienced with the virtual reality system.

Selected works will be exhibited in Sonar Istanbul, Zorlu PSM within the scope of Sonar + D 2020 on 7 March.